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Let us educate and empower ourselves and our neighbors to control taxes.
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Your opinion matters ...

Here are four quick questions about your property taxes. The Governor and State Legislature are currently considering various options for dealing with this important issue and they need your input.

Which of the following is more important to you?
limiting the amount of money you have to pay
Controlling the amount of money that schools can raise
limit my tax bill
control school funding

The Governorís commission had two major recommendations.
One idea limits (caps) how much a resident has to pay and
the other caps how much schools can increase taxes .
Which would you most prefer?
A circuit breaker which would cap your total taxes at a small percentage of your income
A 4% annual tax levy cap on the school district

cap my property taxes
cap the schoolís increase

Some states, including Vermont, have passed "circuit breaker" legislation that prevents property taxes from exceeding 5% of income.
Would you support a similar measure here in New York?

Not sure

Right now, New Yorkers making 45 thousand dollars a year and those making 45 million dollars a year
both pay the same state income tax rate of 6.85%.
Would you support changing the rate on those making more than a million dollars a year to 7.7% to help fund additional property tax relief?
Not sure

Your name (optional)

Thank you taking this poll.

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